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Members should be prepared for outings by carrying a map and knowing which trails correspond to their level of ability. The maps below have been developed as an easily accessible aid for members. Contours and distances given are approximate. The Second Sixties Outdoor Club makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of the maps found on this website. The maps can be printed by clicking on the links below.

Banff Area Trail Maps
CG17 Healy Pass-Sunshine Meadows-Eohippus
CG25 Lake Minnewanka
CG43 Sulphur Mountain Trail
CG47 Cascade Amphitheatre – Cory Pass – Edith Pass Trails
CG62 Cascade Amphitheatre-Forty Mile Creek-Upper and Lower Stoney Squaw Trails
CG12 Spray River Loop
CG54 Banff Town Area Trails

Bow Valley Trail Maps
CG19 Pigeon Mtn-Windy Point-Wind Creek-Hoodoos Trails
CG53 Mount Yamnuska

Canmore Area Trail Maps
CG31 Mount Lady Macdonald
CG33 Highline and Quarry Lake Trails
CG6 Highline and Quarry Lake Trails (Snowshoe)
CG64A Town of Canmore – North Trails
CG64B Town of Canmore – South Trails

Castle Junction Area Trail Maps
CG15 Twin Lakes-Stanley Glacier Trails
CG41 Taylor Lake – Boom Lake
CG50 Castle Junction Area Trails

Cataract Trail Maps
CG18 Grass Pass Trail-Bull Creek Hills-Gunnery Creek Trails
CG26 Raspberry Ridge – Cataract Creek Trails

Elbow Valley Trail Maps
CG23 REV A Elbow Valley Trails No.2
CG29 Fullerton Loop-Snagmore Trail-Riverview Trail-Elbow Valley Trail
CG38 Elbow Valley Trails No3

Highwood Trail Maps
CG16 Elbow Lake-Rae Glacier-Sheep Lakes-Toombstone Lakes
CG45 Pocaterra Ridge–Ptarmigan Cirque

Kananaskis Lakes Trail Maps
CG1 Kananaskis Lakes North Trails
CG2 Kananaskis Lakes South Trails
CG20 Blueberry Hill-Fox Lake-Frozen Lake Trails
CG44 Kananaskis Lakes Trails
CG58 Kananaskis Lake Torpor – Frozen Toad Loops
CG59 Kananaskis Lakes-Canyon Area Trails-High Rockies Trails

Kananaskis Valley Trail Maps
CG7 Kananaskis Village Trails
CG21 Quaite-Jewell-Prairie View-Stoney Trails
CG24 Baldy Pass Trail-Wasootch Ridge Trail
CG30 Terrace Trail – Evan Thomas Trail
CG55 Ribbon Creek-Village-Wedge Pond Trails
CG56 Galatea Creek-Lillian Lake-Guinns Pass Trails
CG60 Mine Meadows Loop-Return to Village
CG61 Ribbon Creek Area Trails