ExpiredXCS/SS: Chester Lake / Sawmill / Mt. Shark – January 29, 2020

  • January 29, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:30 pm


  1. Groups A, B, C: Mt Shark/Watridge Lake Trail 7.4+km
  2. Groups A, B, C: Biathlon Loop: 2.4km


  1.  Groups A, B1+, B1: Sawmill Grand Tour Loop including Mt. Murray Viewpoint 13.3km, 345m+
  2. Groups A, B1+, B1, B2+: Chester Lake/Elephant Rocks 10.6km, 350m
  3. Groups A, B1+, B1, B2+, B2: Sawmill to Chester parking via Snowdrift with option to include Mt Murray Viewpoint 9.1 – 13.4km, 375m+
  4. Groups: B2+, B2 Sawmill to Chester parking via High Rockies Trail and and Graupel to Frost Heave: 7.1km, 250m
  5. Group B2: Chester Lake 7.3km, 300m
  6. Group B2: Chester parking to Mt. Murray Viewpoint 7.1km, 260m
  7. Group C1: Sawmill Snowshoe loops: 5.1km, 155m
  8. Groups C1, C2: South Sawmill Loop 3.8km, 80m
  9. Groups C1, C2: Hogarth Loop 5.5km, minimal elevation
  10. Groups C1, C2: Watridge Lake7.4km, 30m

Bus Coordinators: Karl Hueneburg, Brian Barnett