ExpiredHiking: Lake Louise – Mt. St Piran/Plain of the Six Glaciers/Lake Agnes and Big Beehive/Mirror Lake/Lakeshore – July 4, 2018

  • July 4, 2018
    7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Please note that as we will be entering a national park, you will need to have a valid 2018 park pass or $7.00 entrance fee payable on the bus (exact change requested).

  1. Mt St. Piran A1, A2, B1+, B1 13.2km 862m
  2. Plain of 6 Glaciers Teahouse B1, B2+, B2, C1 11km 375m
  3. Lake Agnes Teahouse & Big Beehive B1, B2+,B2 10.4km 630m
  4. Lake Agnes Teahouse B2+,B2 8.2km 400m
  5. Mirror Lake C1 5.4km 290m
  6. Lake Louise C2 AFATP

Bus Coordinators: Carol Richler, Maureen Rose, Stephanie Perry, Don Wilson