Golf Outings


  • Golfing is scheduled for Mondays at either of the Lakeview Golf Course or McCall Lake Par 3 Course starting in May through to the end of August excluding Statutory Holidays.
  • Registration starts at 6:00 AM on the Monday the week  before the event and continues until 12:00 PM (noon) on Thursday.
  • Members can register themselves and up to 3 guests on the Club Website.
  • The Golf Director will schedule flights based on the number of registrations received.  Golfers are expected to be available to play in any of the time slots allotted to the club.  Special requests for tee times or player groupings should be forwarded to the Golf Director.  The Director will attempt to accommodate these preferences, but cannot guarantee they will always be fulfilled.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis for both members and guests.
  • Member registrations have priority over guest registrations if the number of registrations exceeds 40.
  • Up to 40 golfers can participate; 10 flights with 4 players.
  • Members can deregister themselves and/or their guests by emailing the Golf Director before 6:00 PM on the Sunday before the event.
  • Members or guests cancelling on the morning of the event must phone the golf course.
  • Green fees are payable at the Golf Course upon check-in. Green fees and other information can be located at
  • Tee off times for Lakeview start at 9:07 AM ; last tee off time is 10:23 AM. Tee off times at McCall Lake start at 10:23 AM; last tee off time is 11:40 AM. Golfers must check-in 30 minutes before their tee time.
  • If course is open, regardless of the weather, players are expected to check-in for their tee time.
  • You can confirm the status of course conditions by calling the Clubhouse directly after 8:00 AM on Monday:
    • Richmond Green – 403-300-1006
    • Lakeview – 403-300-1003
  • The golfing regulations for the City courses changed in 2019. Please review the golfing regulations posted in the Member Library on our SSOC website.