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Friday August 5 9:00 pm


Our 2016 Hiking Season has been very popular with two buses of members and guests for many outings. We have enjoyed revisiting favorite destinations including some such as Helen Lake that we haven't visited for a while. The wildflowers have been outstanding this year. On the July 20 trip to the Highwood area, we were fortunate to see 5 grizzly bears including a mother and 2 cubs from the safety of the bus.

Watch for the Friday Evite for details of the upcoming Wednesday outing.


Click on the following link to read a message from our Hiking Director about the upcoming Hiking season.

The 2016 Hiking Schedule is now available on the website.


City walks continue year round and, like our other activities, are very popular.

Check the Club hot line or email each week for details of the location of the upcoming Monday walk.


Every Spring and Summer the Club offers members the opportunity for fun and friendly, non-competitive golf for all levels of play. The Club has a weekly block booking with the City of Calgary alternating between Lakeview and Richmond Green par 3 courses.

Our 2016 season kicked off on Monday May 2 at Lakeview Golf Course and continues every Monday with the exception of Statutory Holidays until the end of August. We welcome our regular golfers and any new golfers. Use the Golf link for more information on registration, schedules,rules and contact information.


The link below will take you to maps for our summer destinations. Alternatively you can follow the menu path from the main menu.

Out-of-City Activities> Hiking>Trail Information>SSOC Maps

Maps for our winter outings can be accessed from the following link or follow the menu path from the maon menu:

Out-of-City Activities> Snow Season>Winter Venues

We urge all Members to come on outings armed with a downloaded and printed 'Map of the Day'. This is especially important when we are visiting a new or variant of a venue.

The Club makes every effort to look after Members and Guests on outings, but the bottom line is that each person is responsible for him or herself.

This is for anyone having difficulty in viewing and downloading a map:

You are asked to 'click on hyper link'. Hyperlinks are links which take you to a document held on the website one is in. Links take one to a document on a different website. Both take the form of underlined red text, as per the example below:

CG49 Jumpingpound Loop

Once the map is open and displayed you must download it. Different browsers have similar Download control icons. Sometimes you will see a 'Download' button; sometimes this is shown as a 'floppy disk' icon. Identify and click on it. The maps are often a megabite or two in size so the time taken to download can be several seconds or more, depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you have cable it takes only a few seconds, but not all of us are so lucky. Be patient and watch your downloading progress indicator.

A list of Lost and Found items is included in the bus books.

WEBSITE UPDATES: The website will be updated at the end of each month.

For over 30 years, the Second Sixties Outdoor Club, based in Calgary, Alberta has provided year round outdoor activities for seniors who share a love of the outdoors and enjoy opportunities to socialize with a group of like-minded individuals. Although originally formed for seniors the Club welcomes new members who are aged 50+, and has a significant number of members in the 50 to 65 age band, the ‘over-fifties'. The Club is unique in being an outdoor club for seniors that operates year-round.

In addition to Hiking, XC Skiing and Snowshoeing the Club offers City Walks, Golf and Social events. In the spring and summer months, members can take advantage of up to 3 outings per week; Hiking in Kananaskis Country and Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks, City Walks and Golf, and, in the winter months, up to 2 outings per week; XC Skiing and Snowshoeing in Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park, and City Walks. Outings to Kananaskis Country and the National Parks are by chartered bus on Wednesdays departing from the northwest of Calgary (see Pickup & Parking).

All activities cater to a wide range of abilities and are conducted with the safety of participants as a prime consideration.

Below are thumbnails of a selection of photographs from some of our destinations for the 2016 hiking season.

Ribbon Creek after the 2013 flood

View from Fire Lookout

View from Elbow Lake

Calypso orchids at Elbow Valley

Group of hikers at Kettle Lake

Club Members are encouraged to become involved in the organization of the Club by volunteering for tasks such as planning outings, volunteering to lead a group on an outing or joining the Board of Directors.

Take a look at our website activities pages and contact us if you feel that the Second Sixties Outdoor Club is for you.

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